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What we do

At MAM-Maglificio Alto Milanese we produce knitted fabrics on circular machines.
Our international customers, from different sectors of the textile supply chain looks for a unique product, studied specifically for their needs.

Research and development are essential for us and are mainly based on the study of new yarns and compositions to obtain improved performances.
Our production processes, from yarn, to knitting and finishing, are certified and guarantee the quality of our products.

We also consider fundamental the application and continuous improvement of the company's Quality System to ensure both its own competitiveness and customer satisfaction in terms of product requirements, services and operational activities for its realization.

We are firmly convinced that ethics and profit cannot be in conflict, since there cannot be long-term economic development separated from social and environmental development. Growth and sustainability are therefore what we want to distinguish ourselves on and this is why an Integrated Policy has been created, which contains our qualitative, social and environmental values.

Respect for resources is complete for us, from raw materials to our employees. For this reason, we speak of ethical and social sustainability in order to guarantee to those who work with us a safe and healthy workplace.

In addition to the certifications listed above, Maglificio Alto Milanese has adopted an Ethical Code: in this document we have set out all the values that our company recognizes, accepts and shares both to its employees and outside, from suppliers to customers. These values represent our ethical business culture and help us to define business strategies and activities.

Our processes are entirely "Made in Italy" and constantly monitored by our production and quality managers. Our range of fabrics varies from the type of raw materials used to the final application they will have. Today we offer our Customers six collections: Hitext, Industry, Sport, Fashion, Underwear and Green.
MAM currently operates in Europe (e.g., Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Netherland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland) and extra European countries (Korea, Japan, Russia, United States, ...) with ever increasing attention to emerging markets. Every year, we participate in the most important trade fairs in the world.
Our expertise and experience allow us to create "made to measure" fabrics that respond to the requests of customers belonging to various sectors of textiles and clothing with attention to eco-sustainability and current trends.