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In any sport you need enthusiasm, determination, commitment, and perseverance. With these characteristics we have created our collection, choosing the best yarns to create fabrics that, combined with innovative technologies, ensure the highest performances: breathability, resistance to pilling and abrasion, UV protection, excellent thermoregulation of the body and, besides all, excellent comfort.
We create fabrics using biodegradable organic fibers with innovative properties, particularly suitable for this application; fabrics that, whether printed or not, opaque or glossy, plain or mélange, guarantee the best performance and the best comfort: articles in bio ceramic, Supplex®, Cordura® and graphene.
For us, the ideal sports fabric is able to anticipate the times to meet the constantly changing needs of the market: from maximum practicality to perfect wearability, super resistance even at the most disparate temperatures and protection in every moment of daily life. With this focus in mind, we emphasize the importance of constant research and development of new materials and products, such as the highly breathable "Push-Pull" technology for quick drying and extreme comfort.Indeed, we cover every area of ​​sportswear, from amateur to professional.