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Generation of Industry

We are proud to have become part of the "Generation of Industry" project, promoted by the Industrial Union of the Province of Varese in collaboration with a group of companies that wanted to invest both economic and human resources in the school and in the future of young people, with the aim of promoting cultural exchange between business world and study world.

Spreading industrial culture between schools and businesses is an increasingly important and fundamental requirement both for the growth of the new generation and for our businesses, which will see our children at the forefront. Understanding what a company is, its processes and various business dynamics, means involving them in the "real" world and making them grow for their future; at the same time they can give all their contribution and support, putting their studies and skills into practice.

The educational and cultural exchange between companies and schools also enhances the merit of the most willing students and encourages them in their growth, a more than fundamental input especially nowadays, where there is still a bit of uncertainty and doubts about what will be the future.