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We do care about environmental sustainability and this is why we create and constantly improve our green collection. Our goal is to control and maintain an eco-sustainable supply chain, an integrated ecosystem of selected partners who share our Company's values ​​and mission.
We have therefore created fabrics produced with organic cotton (breathable, comfortable and hypoallergenic fabric without pesticides), with New Life® (Italian recycled polyester fiber obtained from post-consumer plastic bottles), with Bio Evo® (entirely organic nylon and from renewable sources , obtained from the transformation of castor seeds into textile fiber), with Amni Soul® (biodegradable nylon 6.6 that allows the complete decomposition of the garments when discarded, releasing biogas useful for energy production), with Q-Nova® (recycled nylon 6.6 and eco-sustainable obtained from traceable regenerated raw materials not destined for disposal), Spunshades ™ by Birla (viscous fiber used in this yarn is produced with wood from FSC® certified forests), BLUFIBRE® (yarn produced 100% by recycling waste post-consumer such as tires) and with degradable Roica® elastomer.
We have also recently added fabrics produced with Seaqual® yarn (textile fiber made from plastic recovered from beaches and sea), Naia® (acetate deriving from eucalyptus fibers where chemical solvents are used and subsequently re-introduced into the production cycle) and EcoVero® (viscose fiber with low environmental impact thanks to the low use of water and carbon dioxide emissions).