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About us

For 50 years our Company has been producing knitted fabrics on circular machines from any fibres, for any sector of the textile supply chain.
The history of MAM-Maglificio Alto Milanese began in 1970. Founded by Luigi Grampa, the Company originally produced cotton jersey, interlocks, sweatshirts and ribs for outerwear, underwear, and pyjamas. In the eighties, thanks to Attilio Grampa, Luigiā€™s son, began the transformation from a small business Company focused on the local market to a successful and well-known Company in the whole Italian market, thanks to investments in new machinery and processes.
In the 1990s, the definitive transition from family business to industry took place, thanks to a strong vocation towards internationalisation. Alongside traditional products, new collections were introduced in order to cover the most varied industrial applications: lamination, coating, medical, footwear, etc. From here on, the evolution of R&D has been continuous and constant, creating even more innovative, sustainable, trendy and performing fabrics.
Today our production is divided into six collections: Hitext, Industry, Sport, Fashion, Underwear and Green.